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Our team of back-end developers assists businesses in building robust back-end apps across multiple devices and platforms. 

One of our strengths is that our team will quickly turn your ideas into minimum viable products (MVP) by efficiently separation the “need to have” functionalities from the ” nice to have” to successfully test out your business idea.

Thanks to the technologies we use, such as Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and Cloud Computing (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), it allows us to create Applications in record time compared to other backend technologies such as C# and its .NET or Java environment. with Spring or PHP with Laravel. 

  • Ruby on RailsJavascript NodeJS
  • Cloud Computing (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure , Digital Ocean)
  • Data bases ( PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle , SQL Server, Dynamo DB- AWS)
  • Containers ( Docker , Kubernetes , Amazon Elastic Container Service) 

We have over years 10 of experience

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