Mobile Development

Mobile Consulting

Our team assist with app concept finalization, advise on platform, device compatibility, and optimize costs

Mobile UI / UX

Designers create intuitive interfaces that ensure conversion, engagement, and easy adoption

Maintenance and support

We offer support for your apps post-launch to ensure that it works properly and to keep our client's mind at ease

App Types

We are in the possibility of creating applications for different sectors such as sports, transportation construction, real estate, ecommerce and blockchain

App Deployment

We deploy your apps in AWS servers and all the prominent apps stores such as Google Play and App Store fulfilling all their requirements

Cloud Integration

We are able to integrate your applications with cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure among others

Types of applications that we can carry out

Native mobile applications

Mobile applications built with technology specific to IOS and Android operating system such as Swift and Java

Hybrid applications

We create hybrid applications using React native to optimize development time and lower costs. Instead of making 2 independent apps we would make 1 app for both systems

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

We use technologies that run in the browser
web to generate a mobile application
with cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
among others